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Lets look at the news on key trends and explore ideas which will help you when you’re considering redesigning or decorating your home.

Key points to remember

The most successful interiors always feature an element of the unexpected – and this cannot be achieved without taking risks. Similarly, the uniqueness of each home is what makes it interesting. Mistakes with your interior most often stem from misguided shopping methods. Impulse buys are the mother of all catastrophes, so remember : knowledge is power.

Springfields Show Homes Bedroom designed by Marie Charnley Interiors

Decorating Tips:

No more flat colour blocking this season it’s all about textured shades used in a loose, painterly fashion. Black is back and will add easy glamour to any scheme. When in doubt, paint everything white – whether it’s old furniture, frames, shelving or kitchen cabinets – it’s clean, timeless and goes with everything. Remember, painting a ceiling a darker colour will visually heighten the ceiling, just as when you lacquer the walls of a small room, it opens the space by making it reflective. The simple way to add interest to any space is with paint – but rather than colouring the whole walls, consider painting a single panel instead.

Lighting Tips:

If a room is lit poorly, everything looks bad, never use down lights, and always take time to design lighting to suit each room/space. Mirrors will instantly lift a dark room by maximising the light and expanding the space.

News on Managing your budget effectively:

If you’re going to spend money on just one thing, consider what is important in your life, entertaining, lounging or sleeping. Buy a decent dining table. It’s a lovely focal point and you are going to spend a lot of time at it with family and friends. Buy a designer sofa that is timeless and comfortable which you will enjoy for many years to come, Italian designs are timeless, hardwearing and worth every penny. Be extravagant buy an expensive mattress, as a good nights sleep helps us all function better everyday.

Final News

Don’t forget, every room requires a focal point, otherwise it can feel uneasy. Historically it was a fireplace, but now you can achieve the same feel with an amazing piece of furniture or some art.

Art is the ultimate personal statement. In many ways, your choices – those that truly resonate with you – are a window onto your soul, forming an alternative portrait of your true, instinctive self. It’s also becoming easier than ever to buy as the number of galleries and artists selling online proliferates. My favourite who I highly recommend is a local artist who specialises in affordable bespoke pictures that can transform your home.

Springfields Show Homes Kitchen designed by Marie Charnley Interiors

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